A successful business needs the competitive edge a professionally designed

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    Need help launching an online business, brainstorming or vetting a new app idea? We believe the best approach is to create a product or service that is scalable, choosing a new niche market and focusing

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    data mining & screen-scraping

    We began in the late 1990s by developing original software to screen-scrape e-commerce websites, then sold that data to research analysts on Wall Street (who used it to evaluate stock prices and trends). Over the

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    We’ve been involved in all aspects of e-commerce for 20 years, selling products and services online, researching and analyzing websites, creating and managing reseller programs, setting up payment processors and gateways, building custom shopping carts

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    website analytics

    Are your online ads working? What is your cost per conversion? How do customers find you? We specialize in services like Google Analytics to analyze traffic flow to your website, determine which

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    app UI & UX design

    In addition to coding, we excel in user-interface and user-experience design. We use agile

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    Content is now the single best way to drive traffic to your website, engage users and build trust. In fact

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    rapid prototyping

    Rapid prototyping (also known as rapid application development or RAD) is the future of

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    SEO / SEM

    Search engine optimization is still one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your

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    All of our consultants are entrepreneurs who have built successful online

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    affiliate marketing

    We’ve been on both sides of the table here. Edward developed one of the first commercially

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    Coding is our core strength. We design and code custom apps using C, C++, Objective-C,

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    database design

    Using free, popular databases like MySQL, we offer extensive database design, setup and


WE’RE A BOSTON SOFTWARE & IT CONSULTING FIRM SPECIALIZING IN SITE DESIGN, CODING, E-COMMERCE, SEO, SCREEN-SCRAPING, WEBSITE ANALYTICS & STRATEGY. We specialize in custom, challenging projects that require a deep understanding of coding, web technology and e-commerce. Typically these are in emerging niche markets. This includes mobile, web and client-server apps, databases, automated tools, screen-scraping […]

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A successful business needs the competitive edge a professionally designed website offers.


eye-popping design

We have seconds to grab a user's attention. Killer design gets it

seo, ppc, affiliate marketing

SEO | PPC |Affiliate Marketing

We identified an opportunity to capture significant market share by employing cutting-edge SEO strategies,


Opportunity ID | Alliance Building

The big idea… you’ve got it. The BIGGER idea… we’ll help you get it.


Custom mapping software

This project featured a custom, client-server mapping application with maps of 193 countries.  Using


Disruptive innovation

We developed Tennessee’s first agent/client communication platform (iParks.net) with real time MLS data access


Fitness application

We developed one of the most comprehensive fitness tracking applications on the market. It

seo, ppc, affiliate marketing

SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing

We identified an opportunity to capture significant market share by employing cutting-edge SEO strategies,


Visualization software

We specialize in custom visualization software. This project used Java 2D, curve fitting (with


  • orlando vacation

    I was referred to Music City Web Design in 1998, and I was most impressed with their keen interest in learning what I needed, what my target was and how they could assist me in meeting those needs and hitting a "bullseye". Fast forward 4 1/2 years to present day... our little company has grown from $900,000 in annual revenues to $6.73 million in sales as we concluded 2002. A large part of this tremendous growth can be contributed to the exceptional work of Music City Web Design.

    Bert Duling

    Founder, Affordable Travel of Orlando

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