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10/24 Facebook News Feed Experiment
10/21 Combine and Conquer
09/23 Would You Hire You?
09/15 The Power of Facebook
09/14 Bing + Yahoo + Facebook = ?
09/13 Bing Shopping vs Google Product Search

rodan and fields events
Rodan + Fields event calendar allows consultants to register their local events and connect with others.

ipad trade cash nashville
Nashville service lets you sell your used or broken ipad for cash. Project includes Wordpress site design and SEO, as well as Facebook and Twitter integration.
buy ipad
Tennessee Titan Keith Bulluck's fan club site utilizes a Flash intro, exciting graphics, user- maintained photo gallery and mailing lists.

This Seattle-based 80s/90s cover band wanted an updated, modern look for their showcase site. Flash6 animation highlights the homepage.

Official website of Daytime Emmy Award Winner and General Hospital Actor, Chad Brannon.
Featured on AOL, Compuserve, Soaps In Depth, Soap Town USA.
C h a d ' s

New England builder and installer of custom wine cellars, cabinets and humidors.

Site showcases current projects.

ps3 repair
St. Louis-based service specializing in PS3 repair, ps2 repair, psp repair, and ipod repair.

yellow light repair

Peach Tree Inc. is a full service landscape contractor, serving the entire midle Tennessee area, and the preferred landscaper for Jack In The Box restaurants in this area.

Official website of Robert Stutts, 2003 Duck River Speedway Champion.

Nashville travel agency's guide and reservation system for Country Music Fan Fair.

The client wanted a professional image in step with competitor sites like

2004 ACA
Best Website

New York State Chiropractic Association's official website features a news content manager and searchable 6000-member database.
remote control
sony remote control
Offers 8500 models of tv remote control units. Extensive SEO, PPC and product feed involved. Sold $1.5M in remotes since 2006.

replacement remotes
Bob Parks Realty's complete inter-office and agent/client communication system.

Currently in use by over 450 Bob Parks Agents and thousands of their clients.
The Nashville Symphony Orchestra Kids Site featured Flash design that made it fun to learn about music, composers and symphonic instruments.

nashville web design

A Nashville web design leader since 1996 we have focused on e-commerce and internet marketing including: Google AdWords, Google Product Search, Yahoo Search Marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate program development, product feed creation, backlinking, landing page optimization and Google Page Rank development.


MCWD SEO Rise Continues

October 29, 2010

After 4 weeks of near constant SEO work (which will of course remain top secret), continues it's rise to the top. At last check, we were at #13 to #16 for most related keywords.

Stagnancy has really become a site killer. From 1998 - 2006, we were #1 for our top keys... and admittedly did very little to accomplish that. Of course we bragged on it no end. Now Google demands fresh, unique content and a few other attributes to be in place before they give up any precious rankings. It's amazing to see so many out-of-state design firms ranking for NASHVILLE WEBSITE DESIGN these days. The good news is that they are asleep at the wheel in most other major engines. If they want to hang their hats on the Google rack, so be it.




Facebook News Feed Criteria: A Business Insider Experiment

October 24, 2010

Business Insider's Tom Weber recently conducted a one month experiment to attempt to uncover the secrets behind Facebook's NEWS FEED algorithm. Intrigued by the whims that seemed to control who's news items appear on the Facebook wall, Weber created and managed the page of a sixty year old newbie.

In a nutshell, here are the 10 secrets that Tom uncovered:

  1. Facebook hates newcomers, so they don't give them a soapbox right away
  2. You need friends to interact with you, but they won't because Facebook won't give you a soapbox
  3. Top News selections are based on the type of posts you make
  4. Most Recent news is also blocked for newbies
  5. Clicking all over your friend's page won't get you on their radar
  6. YOU get more popular if you're stalked by others
  7. Links are better than status updates
  8. Photos/Videos are even better
  9. Getting Comments draws FB's attention
  10. The most popular friends will be the last to see you

The reason we care about any of this is that BUSINESSES CAN ROCK ON FACEBOOK. When you apply the techniques that BI uncovered to your business page, you stand a much better chance at getting off the ground in less than 14 months.

READ MORE about the experiment.




Combine and Conquer: Forging Alliances in a Recession

October 21, 2010

"When there's blood in the streets, buy land" - Baron Rothschild (paraphrased)

In a recession, as in any time of want, the natural instinct is to contract... to tighten the belt... to hole up and wait out the storm. That's where you can zig when the competition zags.


Anyone who's been in business for more than a year knows that, in general, our competitors don't do their homework like we do. They don't research suppliers like we do. They don't work overtime like we do. They don't care about their customers like we do. They don't strive for overall excellence like we do. And in hard times, most in the marketplace do exactly the opposite of what they should... EXPAND.

The old saying, "when there's blood in the streets, buy land", says it all. We must take advantage of hard times, in order to prosper in the good times to follow. So often we forget this, because we don't have an extra $10k to buy more inventory. We don't have an extra $20k to rent that vacant warehouse. And we don't have an extra $35k to hire that new account manager. But who says that expansion requires money?


Believe it or not, there are still a few people out there who want to make money and are smart enough to forge cooperative relationships. Now is the time to contact your colleages... and your competitors! Even call the crazy ones. Everyone's looking for something. You never know what alliance can be forged in these tough times. If you've been running your business well, your colleagues know it. They might not come out and contact you for assistance in the good times but "there are no atheists in foxholes" and when under fire, the smart ones will at least hear you out.

Take stock (I mean actually write it out in Word or on paper) of what you're doing RIGHT these days. List your organization's strong points, alliances, supply chains, specialties, etc. What is it about your outfit that allowed you to survive to this point in the recession? Then take a long hard look at your competitors' and colleagues' websites. What are they up to today? What products and services are they currently offering that you can offer at a reduced price but better quality? What products and services DON'T you offer... but for which you know of or can find better sources? It's one thing to call someone asking for a job or handout - it's another to start off with "hey, I think I can save you some money on XYZ."

These relationships, forged under fire, are the kind that last a lifetime.



I was referred to Music City Web Design in 1998, and I was most impressed with their keen interest in learning what I needed, what my target was and how they could assist me in meeting those needs and hitting a "bullseye". Fast forward 4 1/2 years to present day... our little company has grown from $900,000 in annual revenues to $6.73 million in sales as we concluded 2002. A large part of this tremendous growth can be contributed to the exceptional work of Music City Web Design.

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